Discovery Phase
Discovery Phase
Discovery Phase
Discovery Phase

Relying too much on business intuition, common sense, or the wishful thinking of a single customer may not ensure the creation of a successful product.

Before diving into solution definition, UX/UI design, and product development, it's important to build a strong foundation. This is where product discovery comes in.

The Essence of Discovery

It all starts with the team. Every discovery initiative should consist of a product trio - product manager, designer, and engineer. Depending on the nature of the project, we may include additional roles such as marketing specialist, data analyst, or financial manager to cover specific parts of the discovery.

After the team is set, then we embark on a journey consisting of 4 phases:

  • Research

  • Solution Definition

  • Design Prototyping

  • Delivery

Each phase consists of a set of activities that we must complete in order to move to the next phase.

Importance of Discovery

Product discovery puts the customer first. Our research is based on customer data, trends, and competition. Prototype design is tested through user testing.

  1. We uncover key user challenges

  2. We identify the target audience

  3. We find a unique value proposition for your customers

  4. We minimize feasibility risk

  5. Accelerate time to market

  6. We maximize ROI

Key Roles

The success of a product depends largely on the expertise of the team involved. Equally critical to the team's effectiveness is its structure, which complements the selection of highly qualified specialists. The standard set of roles for the discovery phase in design thinking includes

Product Manager

  • Conducts market research and identifies customer pain points

  • Creates solution tree of opportunities and prioritizes features based on market research and user feedback

  • Works closely with design and engineers to define the solution

  • Responsible for defining product vision and strategy

  • Defines go-to-market strategy and identifies monetization models

  • Participates in the business case

UX/UI Designer

  • Participates in market and competitive analysis

  • Works with PM to identify customer pain points and co-create customer journeys

  • Creates wireframes and clickable prototypes that address key user needs

  • Works closely with the development team to ensure the final product is feasible and meets the latest usability standards


  • Works with product manager and designer to understand requirements and design constraints

  • Provides technical insight and suggestions on the feasibility of the entire product or specific features

  • Responsible for proposing an IT architecture that ensures the product is scalable, functional, and meets the requirements outlined in the discovery phase

Our Discovery Phase

Our approach to discovery is thorough and tailored to set our clients up for success:

  • We focus on cost efficiency, ensuring that every dollar invested in the product development process is used effectively.

  • We create a strategic alignment between your product vision, user needs, and market requirements.

  • We provide a clear and actionable roadmap that takes the product from conception to launch.

This stage includes the following steps: UX audit, competitive analysis, best practices analysis, feedback analysis, user flow, personas, feature prioritization and description, backlog document with product features prioritized and described, and estimation of potential workload.

Closing Thoughts

Our discovery stage service is designed to ensure that your product is well-positioned for success from the start. Contact us to leverage our expert services to pave a clear path for your product's journey to market.



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