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Blockchain technology has come a long way since its inception in 2008 as the underlying technology behind Bitcoin. Today, blockchain has found a range of use cases, thanks to its ability to offer secure, transparent and decentralized record-keeping. There are usecase for nearly all industries from retail to finance, healthcare, real estate, tech and media. Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the way companies operate. In this list, we'll explore how some of the biggest companies in the world found applications of blockchain, highlighting how this technology can help increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve trust and transparency.

Consumer & Retail





Blockchain-as-a-Service, NFT marketplace

Amazon offers a managed blockchain service for businesses and is launching an NFT marketplace that will have a seamless UX and allow customers to use their credit card linked to their account to purchase NFTs, with additional functionality to be disclosed.

Amazon Managed Blockchain is a fully managed service for building and managing blockchain networks using open source frameworks.

Use cases for Amazon Managed Blockchaininclude supply chain management, reducing transaction risks, and keeping track of critical data.

The NFT marketplace is speculated to link NFTs to physical products to provide proof of ownership and other features.

Blockchain isn't solely a tech, but a strategic tool to transform business. Amazon's NFT marketplace employs blockchain as a service, indicating its potential to boost revenue and improve customer experience.

Ondřej Macháček CEO


NFT collectibles

Nike acquired RTFKT Studios to create virtual products and experiences using game engines, NFTs, and blockchain authentication.

The virtual products created by RTFKT Studios combine culture and gaming to deliver unique collectibles.

Nike's .SWOOSH platform offers a space for fans to co-create digital products, strengthening customer relationships.

Collaborators on .SWOOSH receive a share of the revenue generated by their co-created products.


NFTs transform brand-customer engagement. Nike and other firms leverage them for stronger connections and co-creation. As digital assets gain worth, more brands adopt NFTs to heighten loyalty and offer distinctive experiences.

Oles Yabichuk

Head of Partnerships & Business Development

DL Freight


Supply chain management

Walmart Canada is using a blockchain solution to improve its supply chain, which reduced disputed invoices from 70% to 1% and reduced the manual effort required to manage payables and receivables; Walmart has also applied for several trademarks related to blockchain, its own cryptocurrency, NFTs and the metaverse.

Blockchain records and protects shared transaction info for specific parties.

Blockchains create unique and verifiable IDs for supply chain management data.

Participants have exclusive digital signatures to authenticate tokens in the chain.



NFT collectibles, Metaverse

Walmart Canada is using a blockchain solution to improve its supply chain, which reduced disputed invoices from 70% to 1% and reduced the manual effort required to manage payables and receivables; Walmart has also applied for several trademarks related to blockchain, its own cryptocurrency, NFTs and the metaverse.

McDonald's to offer virtual food, drinks, and entertainment via digital tech.

Filed ten trademark apps for themed metaverse worlds, incl. virtual restaurant with in-app delivery.

McDonald's mints limited McRib NFTs to mark 40th anniversary.

Blockchain improves business efficiency, transparency, and sustainability, cutting costs, and meeting customer demands. Early adopters like Walmart and Nestlé gain a competitive edge.

Michaela Janoskova

Partnerships & Business Development

Walt Disney

Enterprise system, NFT collectibles

Walt Disney has launched a blockchain platform called Dragonchain, which is a hybrid blockchain platform focused on solving business problems at enterprise scale.

Dragonchain provides solutions for learning management system, decentralized identity, anti-fraud and compliance, FinTech compliance and supply management system.

They chose Polygon as the main blockchain for their Web3 efforts.

The company is also working with Flickplay, which acts as a social media platform for video NFTs, and Lockerverse, an e-commerce platform that specializes in filing trademarks for NFTs.

Dragon Chain


Tracking system

PepsiCo Labs collaborated with startups to advance sustainability, utilizing blockchain technology to identify, sort, and package waste.

PepsiCo worked with six startups to develop sustainable solutions, including a physical and digital waste tracking system and AI-based fault detection technology.

Blockchain technology was used to enable traceability in recycling and the circular economy.

Reci Chain


Supply chain management

Nestle is using IBM Food Trust's blockchain technology to allow customers to track the source of the beans used in their Zoégas coffee brand.

Partnership with IBM Food Trust to adopt blockchain technology

Customers can track the source of their coffee beans through a QR code on the packaging

Provides transparency in the supply chain






Crypto payments

Visa has launched a crypto-linked debit card that allows consumers to use their crypto accounts at 80 million merchants around the world.

Allows consumers to link their crypto accounts to a Visa card

Can be used at 80 million merchants worldwide

Enables crypto stablecoin payouts



Crypto payments, accelerator program

Mastercard has developed a blockchain-based payment system for instant and secure payments, and has also announced the Artist Accelerator program, which connects artists with mentors and fans using Web3 technologies on the Polygon blockchain.

Mastercard has filed more than 30 patents for blockchain and cryptocurrency-related projects.

The blockchain-based payment system promises fast processing for customers, secure verification of payments, and instant payments for merchants.

The Artist Accelerator program aims to break new ground in the music industry by providing select artists from around the world with renowned mentors and a dynamic fan base as they learn and create on Web3.

Visa and Mastercard employ blockchain tech to offer innovative solutions amid the changing landscape. Examples include Visa's crypto solutions and Mastercard educating artists on blockchain.

Ondřej Macháček CEO

China Construction bank

Tokenized investments

ADDX has partnered with China Construction Bank to offer domestic investors access to offshore investments via their blockchain-based private market exchange.

Partnership targets $200M QDLP scheme for overseas investments by sophisticated investors.

Partnership with ADDX's blockchain-based exchange opens offshore markets to Chinese investors.

ADDX aims to bring private markets mainstream through blockchain tech.


JP Morgan

Tokenized assets

JP Morgan has established its presence in the metaverse through the launch of Onyx Lounge in Decentraland, while also exploring the potential of blockchain for collateral settlement and planning to bring trillions of dollars of tokenized assets to DeFi (decentralized finance).

Onyx Lounge in Decentraland: 3D virtual world browser for user interaction and activities.

JP Morgan to establish virtual presence and explore growth opportunities in the metaverse.

JP Morgan tests blockchain for collateral settlement with tokenized Black Rock money market fund shares on May 20th, 2022.


Blockchain revolutionizes bonds by enabling real-time ownership transfer, collateral mobility, and chain-insured security. Banks, once wary of crypto, now experiment with tokenized collateral.

Oles Yabichuk

Head of Partnerships & Business Development



Digital bond

Siemens issued a €60 million digital bond on the blockchain, which eliminates the need for paper-based global certificates, central clearing, and intermediaries like banks.

Bond with one-year maturity sold directly to investors using classic payment via bank account.

Issuing a digital bond on the blockchain streamlines the process, reduces time and costs of traditional bond issuance for Siemens.

Blockchain ensures security, immutability, and transparency of the bond, making it tamper-proof.

Life Chain



LumenLab, MetLife's Singapore-based incubator, is partnering with NTUC Income and Singapore Press Holdings to create Lifechain, a platform that enables loved ones to determine if the deceased had insurance and file a claim automatically if needed.

Lifechain: blockchain-based platform using smart contracts to automate life insurance claims process.

Aims to simplify claims process, reduce administrative burden for beneficiaries during difficult times.

McDonald's mints limited MDesigned to be secure, transparent, and maintain privacy while allowing for quick and efficient claim verification.cRib NFTs to mark 40th anniversary.





Payment processing, anti-counterfeiting

Roche is piloting a blockchain-based project to improve process automation and streamline financing, with benefits including a single source of truth, payment automation, and preparation for digital currencies.

Roche's private blockchain maintains control over security and participation, with smart contracts automating process flows.

The platform offers greater efficiency, transparency, and security with a single source of truth, and benefits for Roche's banks in handling digital currencies or tokenized fiat money.

Roche is also using security seals with blockchain technology to protect its brand from counterfeiting and fake products, incorporating a VeriDoc Global secured QR code.

Healthcare and science industries gain efficiency and collaboration through blockchain tech. Roche, Coral Health, and Encrypgen lead, with more industries adopting blockchain for a connected and transparent future.

Michaela Janoskova

Partnerships & Business Development

Coral Health

Connectivity between medical records

Coral Health is utilizing blockchain to accelerate the care process, automate administrative processes, and enhance health outcomes through faster connections and smart contracts.

Patient information is inserted into distributed ledger technology to connect doctors, scientists, lab technicians, and public health authorities more quickly.

Smart contracts between patients and healthcare professionals ensure accurate data and treatments.

By streamlining administrative processes, Coral Health aims to reduce healthcare costs and improve patient care.

Coral Health


Gene data management

EncrypGen Gene-Chain is a blockchain-powered platform that facilitates the search, sharing, storing, buying, and selling of genetic information while ensuring user privacy and advancing the industry through member companies.

The platform enables users to maintain ownership of their genetic data while benefiting from monetizing it.

EncrypGen uses DNA tokens as a secure and traceable means of purchasing genetic information, while also implementing encryption and zero-knowledge proofs to protect user privacy.

Member companies can use the platform to advance genetic knowledge and develop new treatments, while also ensuring compliance with regulatory frameworks.

Gene Chain

Tech, Media and Telecom





NFT art

Adobe uses the Solana and Polygon blockchains to support its NFT offerings on its Behance art platform.

The Solana and Polygon blockchains provide fast and affordable transactions for Adobe's NFTs, making it easier for creators to sell their work.

Adobe is exploring the use of blockchain technology to enhance transparency and attribution in the creative industry, and to enable new business models for artists.

Adobe's support for blockchain technology reflects the growing mainstream adoption of NFTs and their potential for transforming the art market.



Enhanced security

Apple has filed a patent for a system that certifies timestamps using blockchain, which ensures data security in case of compromised nodes.

The patent outlines three ways to verify timestamps, with one using a blockchain platform.

Timestamps can protect confidential information stored on a SIM or microSD card, making them more secure in the event of a hack.

Using blockchain for timestamps ensures that changes made by malicious nodes will be detected by honest nodes, making it a secure solution.

Apple's blockchain exploration highlights the technology's mainstream acceptance. As more firms adopt it, innovative solutions enhancing security, efficiency, and transparency across sectors are expected.

Ondřej Macháček CEO

China Mobile

NFT infrastructure

China's Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) has added the 'Zhong Yi Chain' developed by China Mobile to its ecosystem to support domestic non-fungible tokens (NFTs) issuance without involving cryptocurrency transactions.

The BSN-DDC network infrastructure enables NFT issuance in China without cryptocurrency transactions.

The addition of the 'Zhong Yi Chain' developed by China Mobile aims to support the growth of domestic NFTs.

The 'Zhong Yi Chain' is an open permissioned blockchain, and its addition to the BSN ecosystem makes it easier for developers to build blockchain-based applications.

Zhong Yi Chain

China Mobile's NFT platform success without cryptocurrency showcases blockchain's versatility and ability to comply with regulations, leading to more use cases in countries with stricter crypto regulations.

Oles Yabichuk

Head of Partnerships & Business Development



Creator ecosystem

Live Bash enables performers to book stage time, livestream their sets, and create NFTs of performance moments, built on proprietary blockchain technology, which fans can buy and collect.

Live Bash: platform for performers to book stage time and perform live shows online.

Platform creates NFTs of performance moments for fans and collectors to buy.

NFTs built on proprietary blockchain technology, offering secure and transparent ownership and trading of digital assets.



Music-streaming platform

Audius is a blockchain-based music streaming platform where users can discover new music, share songs, and earn token rewards, while providing artist-friendly metrics and tools for independent growth.

Platform uses blockchain to enable direct payments to artists, reducing role of intermediaries like record labels.

Decentralized nature ensures transparency, fairness for artists, and seamless, secure user experience.

Allows for creation of DAOs for community-driven curation and playlist management.

NFTs disrupt art by allowing unique art sales and artist-buyer relationships, creating new collectibles for buyers and new revenue streams for artists.

Michaela Janoskova

Partnerships & Business Development


Content platform

Mirror is a blockchain-based publishing platform that allows users to log in with Ethereum, store content on a decentralized storage network, mint posts as collectibles, and embed NFTs, among other features.

Mirror built on Web3 technology, utilizing blockchain's decentralized, secure, and transparent features.

Users can monetize content by accepting crypto subscriptions from readers.

Allows for creation of DAOs to manage publications.



Blockchain connected CRM

Salesforce Web3 is a blockchain-based service that enables companies to create and deploy NFTs for marketing and branding, and integrate on-chain data with their existing Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce Web3 solution offers tools and features for companies to create and manage NFTs for marketing and branding.

Enables connection of Salesforce CRM with blockchain to access on-chain data and improve marketing strategies.

Provides secure and transparent platform for creating and deploying tamper-proof, verifiable NFTs.




Contract management

KT has launched KT Paperless, a blockchain platform for creating, storing, and tracking contracts, including the option to upload paper contracts to the network.

KT Paperless platform offers secure and transparent contract creation, distribution, and storage with benefits of blockchain.

Users can track contract status in real-time for greater transparency and accountability.

Platform allows for uploading paper contracts for digital storage and reduces risk of fraud or manipulation.



Mobile package marketplace

DENT has launched DENT Exchange, an Ethereum blockchain-based marketplace for buying and selling data packages, increasing transparency and trust in the telecom industry.

Blockchain tech ensures secure and transparent transactions.

Expanded capabilities: automated trading, portfolio management, and pricing data.

Increases transparency and trust in telecom industry through blockchain technology.



Payment settlement

Verizon uses Hyperledger Fabric to automate dispute management and billing remediation, increasing transparency and efficiency.

Blockchain enables Verizon to automate dispute resolution with wholesale partners.

Hyperledger Fabric provides secure, transparent platform with real-time visibility into billing disputes.

Faster resolution reduces risk of legal action, improves relationships with partners, benefits customers.


Real estate




Digitize access to private funds, tokenization

RealBlocks uses blockchain for fractional real estate investments, providing increased liquidity and efficiency.

Tokenization reduces fees and streamlines investment process, increases liquidity.

Secure and transparent platform increases trust and confidence in investments.

Available to both accredited and non-accredited investors, providing greater access.

Real estate tokenization with blockchain, like Closinglock, democratizes investment and secures transactions. Leveraging blockchain leads to a more equitable and trustworthy system for stakeholders.

Ondřej Macháček CEO


Fraud prevention

RealBlocks uses blockchain for fractional real estate investments, providing increased liquidity and efficiency.

Ensures full security and transparency through blockchain technology.

User-friendly and easy to integrate into existing workflows.

Fully compliant with regulatory requirements for secure and legal transactions.


Energy & Utilities


Energy Web Chain

Accenture and Shell

Blockchain-as-a-Service, NFT marketplace

Avelia is a blockchain-powered digital sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) book-and-claim solution that ensures the secure allocation of SAF environmental attributes to companies and airlines.

The program uses blockchain technology to ensure the secure allocation of SAF environmental attributes to companies and airlines after the fuel has been delivered to the fuel network.

Avelia aims to demonstrate the credibility of the book-and-claim model, reducing emissions in respective areas, ensuring transparency and accountability by avoiding issues such as double counting.

Avelia was launched by Shell, Accenture and American Express Global Business Travel.



Energy management

NextEra Energy's Optos software platform uses AI and blockchain to help financial companies reduce their carbon footprint by identifying their energy usage and matching it with clean energy resources.

Optos is an end-to-end energy management solution.

It provides real-time and predictive data.

The platform helps companies optimize their energy use.

Blockchain combined with AI brings potential for sustainable supply chains, secure data documentation, and energy optimization across sectors. NextEra, BHP, and Honeywell already use blockchain for sustainability and transparency. Embracing this tech creates an equitable and efficient marketplace.

Oles Yabichuk

Head of Partnerships & Business Development


Supply chain management

BHP is using blockchain to maintain high ESG standards in their supply chains for copper, nickel, iron and coal production.

Blockchain facilitates the transfer of transactions and data between parties.

It creates a verifiable and permanent ledger through cryptography.

BHP is piloting the use of blockchain to maintain ESG standards in their supply chains.



Documentation and data storage processes

Honeywell's blockchain-based system simplifies complex documentation and data storage processes in the aerospace industry.

The system is designed by Honeywell International's blockchain subsidiary, GoDirect Trade.

It integrates the aircraft record creation process into its system.

It allows customers to search for aerospace parts and service data.


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